Why choose us?

Avoid Auctions

When AMA represents buyers, we generally approach owners that are not actively selling their businesses. As a result, we have been able to convince target companies to enter discussions with only our clients. Transactions handled in this manner allow for more extensive exchange of information before our clients decide to make an offer. This avoids the greatest risk of entering an auction, making an offer on a company with limited information. The price and terms of a transaction managed this way are also usually more favorable in a private negotiation – remember, the person who wins an auction pays the highest price.

We Go Away

By retaining AMA, our clients save the cost of hiring permanent staff for a project that could only occur once. When the project is over, we go away until you need us again. Additionally, by managing the process of contacting companies and doing research, our clients have hired experienced professionals to perform work outside of the normal course of their business. This lets them get on with their core activities – running their company.

Different Perspective

AMA has two primary services:
Finding suitable acquisition targets in a pro-active search process: and
Divesting businesses on the most advantageous terms

Both of these services start with research. Because we are transaction specialists as opposed to industry specialists, we are able to think ‘outside the box’. We often come up with ideas or alternatives that are new to our clients.AMA doesn’t consider only the obvious firms such as competitors or financial buyers who specialize in an industry. We cast a wide net, in the effort to bring our client as many alternatives as possible.

AMA Worldwide

Unlike many comparable size firms offering mergers and acquisitions services, AMA has an international presence, with correspondent offices in the world’s financial centers, including Europe, the Americas, India, Australia and Asia. These associated firms offer complete understanding of the local language, market customs and business and cultural issues.

All of our associates worldwide utilize the same methodology of working for our clients, and adhere to strict quality standards and work ethics. When an AMA client is introduced to one of our foreign associates, they are meeting an advisor who has been briefed with their strategy and expectations. We believe that it is essential to have an advisor who is intimate with their local markets. All of our international associates have the ability to provide in-depth research and efficient execution in markets abroad.

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