Post-M&A Integration

Successful M&A process requires information, planning and expertise. Post- M&A Integration (PMI) teams need a resource to help them work quickly, coordinate efforts, and see the entire picture – from the overall business goals to the smallest details of a transaction.

Each PMI will have its own speed, style, focus, and rhythm. The PMI process must be tailored to account for those differences. As an example, a merger driven by cost synergies will require a very different strategy than one in which achieving revenue synergies is the main goal.

With over 16 years of experience we created a detailed and thorough work plan on smooth integration of mid-sized businesses in different market niches and based on the individual business development goals and directions.

The overall process consists of three main parts:

  1. Set the direction
  2. Capture the value
  3. Build the organization

After defining the short- and long-term strategic goals we set up the speed and scope of integration and start the process, correcting it on the go, based on the results the team achieve. Such a flexible approach allows us to make the fully customized integration experience for each of our clients and reach business goals with the highest outcome.

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