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About AMA International

AMA International is a boutique M&A advisory firm that has developed specific expertise in arranging middle-market, cross border strategic transactions, generally between companies in the France, UK, Benelux, Nordics, Central&Eastern Europe and the United States. AMA has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, USA and Poland and correspondent offices of mergers and acquisitions firms internationally that enables us to offer seamless advisory services in major financial markets.

AMA provides professional mergers and acquisitions services, including, deal origination, culturally accurate communication and negotiation support and post-M&A integration. For many clients, we become their corporate business development team. For others, we work directly with their in-house corporate development staff. In all cases, by hiring AMA, our clients are able to utilise experienced professionals for a one time project, and avoid hiring additional permanent staff.

We work closely with our clients to develop business merger and acquisition strategies that best fit their criteria and goals, and then jointly design a program to implement that change. We bring our expertise and experience to a project that may be new to our clients, or too time consuming for them to manage themselves.

Our network in the Germanic, Anglo-Saxon and Nordic countries enables you to grow your scope and scale in those geographies instantly. Right introductions and efficient implementation of the deal sourcing make the acquisition process smooth and pleasant.

Our services

Our services

Our services include advising public and private companies on:

Deal Origination

Sales and Divestitures

M&A negotiations

Post-M&A Integration

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